Many writers of non-fiction, including myself, suffer from a certain doubt.  It may come from inside our heads or be suggested by other people.

This is the question of not being different enough from other writers to be considered unique.  What I mean is that there are lots of books about, say, statistics, risk or Christianity. Why does the World need another one?  The same is true of books on almost any subject from gardening to starting a business to healthy lifestyles.  Nothing is truly new, unless you are reading the findings of the latest scientific research.

I have been reassured recently by the unanimous views of experienced writers participating in a webinar.  They all say that each person brings a unique contribution.

  • It may be a particular insight or experience.
  • It may be a story that illustrates a point in a new way.
  • Or it may simply be that the latest author has a certain unique way of expressing things that will communicate with some readers who had never quite got it from reading other books, similar as they might have been.

The other writers would all encourage me to keep at it.  If I have something to say, there are probably people who need to hear it.  I hope there are enough of them and I really hope some of you will find you get the message from my writings that you never got before.  Of course, if you do not, I hope you find the right writer for you.  Good luck!