Most people of any sort of faith have been praying for the victims of the terrorist outrage in Manchester.

  • The wounded
  • The bereaved
  • The rescuers
  • The doctors, nurses, care-givers
  • the police and security services

They all need our prayers at this time. And afterwards.

Is there a group I missed?

What about the terrorists? Surely they too are victims. Not only the one who died at the scene. Am I condoning their actions? The very opposite. I find it hard to imagine anyone thinking such an act could serve any god or any human cause.

I want to pray for:

  • Anyone who feels otherwise.
  • Anyone who was involved in any way.
  • Anyone thinking of doing anything similar.
  • Anyone who wants to cheer for the terrorists.

Let us pray not only that they never succeed, but that they may change.

  • May God open their eyes.
  • May they turn away from their path.
  • May they find a better way.

They too are victims.