I have now written four books.

  1. How to Avoid Being Misled by Statistics
  2. Be Victorious!
  3. Load the Dice
  4. How to Cope with the Church

I set out more details later in this article.

Some people find it hard to detect a common theme.  This applies to my blogs and Ezine articles as well as to my books.  Do I lack a plan?

Well, to be honest, I do tend to write about all sorts of things.  You could say I do not have a one-track mind.  Or you could say I lack direction.  I am being myself.  But I do think there are some unifying elements, the most significant being myself.  All my writings reflect my thoughts, feelings and personality.  For better or worse.  Here are a few other common features.

  • Most of my books are short.  They are intended for people who do not have a lot of time for reading.  There are plenty of bigger books that cover the same topics in more detail.  OK if that is what you want.
  • I write in my own voice.  I do not try to put on a more literary style.  I want you to feel we are having a chat.
  • I draw on my experience of life.  Of course that includes things I have read or been taught, but I major on things I know are true and relevant for me.
  • I try to address issues I come across and that I know other people do too, so that I hope what I write will be helpful, whether in business, church or everyday life.

Fuller details of my books are:

  1. How to avoid being misled by statistics: don’t be one of the 60% who are below average.


ISBN/EAN13: 1499190484 / 9781499190489 Kindle ASIN: B00LPG8VUE

Price GBP 4.77 Kindle price  $3.40

2. Be Victorious!  Lessons from World War I for Business and Everyday Life.


ISBN/EAN13: 1500327905 / 9781500327903 Kindle ASIN: B00LPG913U

Price GBP 4.70  Kindle price $4.23

3. Load the Dice.  A simple guide to managing risks in small businesses          https://www.createspace.com/5163656

ISBN/EAN13: 1505480345 / 9781505480344  Kindle ASIN: B00R58W9NQ  Price GBP 5.76 Kindle price $5.55

4. How to cope with the Church. Practical help for would-be Christians.


ISBN-13: 978-1537365039 (CreateSpace-Assigned)  ISBN-10: 1537365037 Kindle ASIN: B01LZ53GBS

Price GBP 3.00 Kindle price $1.28

 I am now working on a detective story.  That will be longer than any of my other books and is intended to be interesting and entertaining rather than instructive.  It will, however, be in my style and will be drawn to some extent on my experience as well as my imagination.  I will not tell you which parts come from which.