I am having another look at how to be happy, drawing on a lot of modern research.  One of the most seemingly pointless pieces of advice is to enjoy life.

You could well say that if you are not happy you cannot enjoy life.  It reminds me of the old joke about a general who had a notice put up in an army camp saying ‘Happy Christmas.  You will enjoy it.  That’s an order.’

This advice is not as silly as it seems.  We so often fail to notice the pleasant things in life.  We certainly do not always savour them.  We are too focused on other things, such as our complaints.

I am thinking of the little things that can make all the difference – if you let them.  A nice meal, a lovely view, a flower in your garden, or someone else’s, a piece of music, a TV programme you like.  Try to consciously notice these things.  Say to yourself, ‘that was good!’ perhaps out loud, or even to someone else.  You might help them to get more out of their day.

Do not remember only the annoying or disappointing things in life.  Over a period, enjoying life can become a habit.  An enjoyable one.