If you have survived up to now: congratulations!

If you have been able to survive this Lockdown and haven’t become ill in ANY way so far, you have achieved something. Give yourself a pat on the back! I hope you  liked some of the advice in my blogs. By the way, I am pleased that Alistair Campbell among others writing in the Guardian has said many of the same things as I have. He is someone who has recovered from depression in the past.

Can we survive much longer?

You may feel you can’t go on.

This jaguar has had to survive in captivity, but can we?

This jaguar has had to survive in captivity, but can we?

I hope we can all continue to apply all the lessons we have learnt already.

Are there any you haven’t applied, or have let slip?

Can these two ideas help us survive better?

  1. Do good!
  2. Give thanks!

Perhaps you think you can’t do much good – or anything else – in your situation? If you can do anything: do it! Even if you are self-isolating, you can do good by an encouraging word over the phone or on the internet. Even if you don’t say anything earthshaking, a friendly voice or personal e-mail can be a help. It might seem strange, but doing good does you good as well as doing good to someone else. It has been scientifically proven, I believe.

OK but what have you got to be thankful for? Go back to my blog on ‘Count your blessings’. In addition, think about people who have helped you either now or in the past. Tell them! Like doing good, giving thanks is good for the giver and the recipient. Try it! This way we can still be a community and together we can survive. Charles Darwin would have agreed. Survival of the fittest in his understanding meant survival of the most fitted for…  whatever, not the strongest. In our situation it could mean the most socially concerned, or the society that functioned best, even at 2 metres!