How’s your happiness level?

I have written several times about the findings of recent research on happiness.

Now I am listing all the ten elements. You might not be able to implement all these suggestions, but see how many you can. I hope it will increase your happiness.

A. Accumulation of wealth does not make you happier beyond a certain level.

B. Be yourself. Don’t be a square peg in a round hole.

C. Count your blessings. Think about the plusses.

D. Do good. Happiness grows as you give it away.

E. Enjoy life. Consciously absorb the good things around you.

F. Forgive people who hurt you.

G. Give thanks to people who help you.

H. Health – take reasonable care of it, without becoming obsessive.

I. Invest in relationships – don’t be a recluse.

JK. Just Know how to deal with catastrophes, whether through religion, philosophy or something more down to earth.

What about me?

I think I do follow a lot of these guidelines and I do enjoy life most of the time. I’m working on some of the points that I have neglected.

What about you?

Go on! Give them a try. Some of them, at least.