Tell, Serve, Give will take place all over the Diocese of Liverpool from 6th to 10th March

I have written about this in previous blogs, mainly about things happening in Warrington. The final event will be Bishop and Bubbles in St Elphin’s Church near the Town Centre, on Sunday 10th at 4 pm. It will be a time of celebration. We expect to have a lot to celebrate after all the activities of the previous few days, but Christians have always got something to celebrate! (Annoying, isn’t it, if you’re a miserable old ***?)

If you can’t make it, we’ll give you another chance.

There will be visitor-friendly services in several churches in the town that day. I’ll let try to give the details on another blog, but here’s one:

Of course, some of our churches are visitor-friendly all the time, but a lot of us will be making a special effort on that day. How about you making a special effort to come along? It might not be such a big effort once you decide to come.