What is Absolute Proof?

Absolute Proof is the title of a novel by Peter James. It is a mystery thriller and is a good read if you like mysteries and/or thrillers, as I do. It’s fast moving with lots of twists like most of Peter James’s books.

What is Absolute Proof about?

A journalist investigates a claim that someone has evidence which will conclusively prove the existence of God. He encounters deadly danger from people who want to suppress this evidence and others who want to use it for their own religious or commercial purposes. On the way, he gets into discussions with various people about the possibility or even the desirability of such incontrovertible evidence existing.

What do I think of Absolute Proof?

I like the way Peter James allows the reader to consider so many opinions, giving us food for thought without forcing any one view on us. The hero is investigating and questioning, not serving any particular religion. On the other hand, he is not an unshakable atheist.

Do I believe Absolute Proof exists?

Although I am myself convinced that God exists, I do not believe there is overwhelming evidence either way. There are many intelligent atheists as well as intelligent people who follow various religions. There are obviously plenty of stupid people in both camps too.  As one of the characters in the book explains, faith would be redundant if there was no room for doubt.


Do we want absolute proof?

In addition, most people do not take into account only the evidence. Emotions and personal experience influence our decisions.Someone in the book argues that determined atheists will explain away whatever evidence is produced in favour of God, just as a lot of believers find ways around evidence to the contrary.

Do I deal with absolute proof in my books?

No! In How to cope with the church, I try to help people who find it hard to get into ‘church’. In that book, I don’t argue about the existence of God, as atheists don’t want to know about ‘church’ anyway. The subject of religion, or the supernatural, comes up in my whodunnit, Accounting For Murder: Old Money, but I don’t go into such depth as Peter James. Perhaps I will in another book? I have posted several times about the Christian faith, most recently about the Four Points and your reactions to them.

How to cope with Church: Practical advice for would-be Christians

Finally, do you think there’s absolute proof?

I’d love to know what you think about Peter James’s book or about the question of what would count as absolute proof for you.

Of course, feedback on any of my books is always welcome too.