Why is religion mentioned in my books?

As religion or spirituality plays a part in many people’s lives, I have included it in Accounting for Murder, Double Entry. A lot of people say that it’s OK to bring in religion as long as you’re not too preachy. Do you think the book was or not? The characters discuss religion and have different views. I hope you will identify with one or another of them.

What about the sequel?

The supernatural will figure in Accounting for Murder, Old Money, which will be published later this year. There is a ghost in the story. Or is there? That is one of the things the characters don’t agree on. The questions of good and evil and of morality, are also discussed. There is a priest in the story, who expresses views, which are not be what everyone expects, or agrees with.

Is religion relevant in a detective novel?

When you are writing about crime, you cannot avoid some moral judgments. In this case, other moral questions also arise which would raise issues even for a group of atheists. However, for many people, religion is the basis of their morality. Of course, where people think a ghost may be involved, their views on the supernatural are bound to be relevant too.

What is the theme of the book?

In both books, the main story is a whodunnit. Family and other relationships come into it, as do the characters’ views on several topics, but they are secondary to the issue of solving the mystery. If anything I write makes you think about religion, morality or anything else, I will not be sorry, but above all, I hope you enjoy the read.