What kind of book is DOWN?

DOWN is a crime thriller set in Bristol in the Winter of Discontent 1978/9. An Afro-Caribbean woman goes to a semi-retired solicitor and asks him to open the case of her husband who was hanged for murder in the 1960’s. The solicitor has to confront his own issues as he digs into the case. As he proceeds, he antagonises policemen and fellow-lawyers. He opens up issues neither he nor his client expected.

Why read DOWN?

  • It’s a good whodunnit.
  • You will find insights into various versions of the human psyche.
  • Although it is not primarily a political book, it brings to life the social and economic realities of the Winter of Discontent. It was a time when change was in the air, but few expected things to turn out as they did.

Is DOWN personal?

I was a student in Bristol and loved the city and often walked on the Downs, where much of the action takes place. I remember the Winter of Discontent and its hopes and fears. Since then, I have observed changes in attitudes to race and class – and am painfully aware of the need for more progress.

Where can I buy DOWN?

It is on Amazon/Kindle in e-book and paperback.