Plan for your New Year Resolution

Plan what you will do in the coming year. This is the time to think ahead. It is also the time to look back and ask what happened to your 2023 Now Year’s Resolution(s). Review your business plans too. Take time to assess your strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities. Then decide what to do about them.

Someone is making a plan - a 3d magnifying glass hovers over progress bars on graph paper.

Someone is making a plan – a 3d magnifying glass hovers over progress bars on graph paper.

Are there two kind of plan?

For many people, the New Year’s Resolution is a totally different thing from a business plan, but should it be? Why not apply the same logic to both? Review all aspects of your life and make everything better than in the past. There are lots of ways to manage your life but whatever your method, do include setting goals and reviewing progress. Here is one approach that works for many people.

Make a SMART Plan

Plans should be smart, of course, but I mean to use the system known by the acronym SMART.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-related

There are lots of books and articles about this method, but I’m just going to give a simple explanation of what each of these headings means. To go further into it, follow this link.

Plan something Specific

Don’t say ‘I intend to do better’ or ‘be a better person’ or ‘to become a social media sensation’ or how about ‘control immigration’ – what do any of these concepts mean? What area of your life do you want to improve and how? What would you want to be known for on social media? What type of immigration?

Make it Measurable

How will you know if you’ve succeeded or not? Unless it’s a Yes or No question, like giving up smoking, becoming a vegetarian or taking up a new sport. you need something to compare next year with. Bringing down inflation, reducing unemployment, increasing sales, or reducing the amount of meat in your diet are things you could compare with previous years.

Is it Achievable?

Some things are outside your control. Immigration and inflation for instance. I’d like to write a best seller, but I don’t control the reading habits of the public. Writing more books is achievable, or reducing my meat consumption. So is cutting taxes if you’re the PM.

Are you being Realistic?

Climbing Everest is an achievable goal. So is swimming the Channel. People have done both. But for me. either would be unrealistic. Are you being honest with yourself as to what is realistic in your case? I could swim a few more lengths or take longer walks.

Is there a Timescale

There’s a risk of putting things off too long and a risk of trying to do everything at once. Plan your steps to include preparation, building up and so on. Set a time for each step. Be realistic about that too.

What are my plans?

  1. As I want to make more impact on social media,  I intend to spend January studying a few media platforms and deciding which one(s) to go for. I don’t think it will be X, because I quit Twitter this year, as I explained. Then I want to study how to get the most out of them. From March I intend to post something on each(?) one every week, at least.
  2. I want to get fitter. So I will walk for at at least half an hour every day, aiming at an hour a day in summer.
  3. I also want to widen my horizons. I intend to read a book a month, of which I will try a new (to me) author every other month and read something outside my usual genres three or four times a year.

Will you plan your year now? Will you be smart?