What Pembrokeshire Murders?

The Pembrokeshire Murders is the title and subject of an ITV series that I’ve been watching this week. It’s fascinating and, although a drama, is closely based on fact. Some of it is stranger than fiction. They have also shown one of several documentaries about the case.  I won’t say much in case you have recorded it and haven’t watched it yet. Or they might replay it, perhaps late at night or on ITV3.

What’s my connection to the Pembrokeshire murders?

I set my novel, New Money, the third in the series Accounting for Murder, in Pembrokeshire, although not in quite the same area as the true story. It is also near the coastal path, but given the geography, not much of that county is far from the coastal path! I have tried to make the setting as authentic as possible, as I think it’s a beautiful place with a peaceful atmosphere, contrasting with the violent events in the story.

Did I choose Pembrokeshire deliberately?

I was not consciously thinking of the real-life murders when I chose that location, although I knew about them. I did, however, choose deliberately in that I wanted a setting suitable for boats, swimming, beaches and horseriding. Somewhere my hero could reach within a few hours drive from his home in Cardiff. So it was not a random choice. I wrote about this setting before without mentioning the real murders, but now you know.

Is Pembrokeshire safe?

I do not believe it is an area that has more serial killers per square mile than anywhere else. Do not let me put you off going there!  Please watch the series if you can, or look up the facts. It is a fascinating story. If you like a murder mystery, I hope you will also read and enjoy New Money and the rest of my fictional series, Accounting for Murder.