Noah’s Ark is old hat so why tell it yet again?

Noah’s Ark is a story that people have told and retold for thousands of years. How can it be new? People at St Paul’s Penketh Warrington have a project that will tell the story in a new way. It will be child-friendly but there will be plenty for adults to think about. There will be activities for children but also questions to make anyone think. People in St Paul’s have found the story highly relevant to our time in many ways. The people in Noah’s day experienced a worldwide catastrophe after ignoring the warnings. That does not sound old fashioned, but anyway they will be telling it in a modern way. This is an example of the way Church does not have to be traditional as I said in a recent post. You may also like to think about aspects of church life as I discuss in my book How to Cope with the Church.

When and where is the Noah’s Ark event?

It will be from Monday 22nd September to Friday 1st October 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm and Saturday 2nd October from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm at St Paul’s Church Penketh Warrington WA5 2RX in the church building, which will be transformed for the occasion – you’ll have to see it to understand.

Poster for the Noah's Ark Experience

Poster for the Noah’s Ark Experience

St Paul's Penketh, where you will be able to see Noah's Ark

St Paul’s Penketh, where you will be able to see Noah’s Ark

Inside St Paul's. People will transform this into Noah's Ark

People will transform this into Noah’s Ark