What is Old Money?

My new book: Accounting for Murder, Book II, Old Money which is, unsurprisingly, a sequel to Accounting for Murder, Book I, Double Entry.

What is Old Money about?

Accountant Frank Hill and his wife, Sian, take minor parts in a horror picture being filmed in a castle in Wales. They try to investigate some strange goings on, amidst rumours of hauntings and buried treasure. Does someone not like the fact that the moviemaker, a Welshman, newly returned with his American wife from success in Hollywood, is looked upon as New Money? The stakes are raised when a murder occurs on the set. Can Frank and Sian survive the strain the new lifestyle puts on their marriage and family as well as the dangers they are in from an unseen enemy?.

Before you read Old Money

How about reading Book I, Double Entry?  I’m letting you have a chance to read that for free for one week as an e-book from Tuesday 24th Sept to Saturday 28th. The printed version is still available but only at the usual price, but I hope you find it worth every penny, as you will find Book II.