Do you like short stories?

Although I write novels, I do sometimes write short stories. I’ll be sharing several this week, most of which I have posted here before, but I’ll try to write a new one if I’ve time. I can enjoy a good story more than once and I hope you can. Perhaps you will draw my attention to some of your favourite stories? Please remember too that I always welcome feedback about my own stories. Here’s the first one this week, which is, sadly, topical. It’s called The Three Card Trick. There will be more coming soon, but they will not all be similar.

How else do I tell stories?

I am part of Open the Book, a national scheme for reading and acting stories from the Bible to children in primary schools. It’s popularity shows the Bible is not necessarily boring: it’s the way we tell ’em! For more about Open The Book see their website.

We also tell stories from the Bible at the new LifeTime service at St Paul’s Penketh, for old and young people. It started in October and has been growing steadily in numbers and quality all the time. Everyone seems to enjoy the stories as much as all the rest of it.

Let’s encourage children and adults to read – not only the Bible, and look out for other projects that involve storytelling.

What if you prefer longer stories?

Tell me what books you have enjoyed recently and say what you think if you have read either of my detective novels.

Accounting for Murder, Double Entry

Accounting for Murder: Double Entry

Accounting for Murder, Old Money

I hope the third one will be out later this year.