Who wants to know about myself?

You might have thought I didn’t need to write about myself, if you’re interested in what I have to say rather than who I am.  However, there are people who like to know all about the writers they follow. There is quite a lot on my website and on my business website as well as on my Linkedin page.

I am as I seem.

Why do I not say more about myself?

Like many of you, I expect, I think people who talk about themselves a lot are boring and probably egoists. To use a cliche, “It’s not about me”.  I’m more interested in what people have to say about whatever topic they are writing or talking about, than in what they do at work or at home.

What do I not say about myself?

The one thing some people would like is an account of my journey in life, especially my spiritual or religious journey. They wish I had included it in How to Cope with the Church.

They want to know how I learnt to cope with the church. Did I make steady progress or were there ups and downs? (The latter. Oh, yes!)

Now prepare to read about myself – or not!

Over the next few weeks, I will be writing about my spiritual journey. I hope this will add clarity and credibility to my blogs on faith, as well as to the book. For those of you for whom that subject holds little interest, I will still be blogging about risk, business, statistics and such, on my other site and I might publish the occasional article on this site on other subjects, to give some variety (for me as well as for you).

Watch this space!