Did you love the Royal Wedding?

Lots of people love a wedding, and that includes people who choose not to be married themselves. There are also lots of people who love anything to do with the Royal Family. I am not surprised, then, that a Royal Wedding is a great occasion. Even if you are a republican who regards marriage as an outdated institution, I hope you can at least be pleased for all the people who got so much pleasure from Harry and Meghan’s wedding. Go on! Don’t be a misery!

Was it what you expected from a Royal Wedding?

It was not quite traditional, although there were many features in common with previous ones. It shows that the Royal Family are moving with the times, but at the core of it was an act of commitment by a man and a woman, in public and invoking God’s help.

Was it a proper traditional religious service?

This was a church service, held in St George’s Chapel, conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury (with a little help from another Christian leader). It may have surprised some people, because it was different from the traditional version. I have seen lots of church services of all kinds and was surprised only that the Royal Family chose something like this.

A message for the Church from the Royal Wedding

If you think church services have to be of the traditional kind,  or if you think weddings have to follow a strict routine, think again. Perhaps your local church is too traditional for your taste? Shop around! I have been to church services that used lots of modern technology and spoke to young people in ways they relate to, but they had not changed the core message. Modernisation does not mean you sell out on traditional beliefs or abandon the essential elements:

  • prayer
  • the Bible
  • worship
  • fellowship

If you have a problem with the Church, try reading my book How to Cope with the Church. 

If you are a member of the Royal Family, you don’t need it: you are ahead of me.