Mental Health is an issue for many people.

Mental health needs protecting to keep many people from suffering mental illness. Mental illness week is approaching. You may remember that I have written on aspects of this before and want to remind you of what I have written before. I will add a few new comments as well.

What do I know about mental health?

I am not an expert. Therefore, I strongly advise you to get help from a professional if you know you are suffering. Act before it gets worse. All I offer are some tips I have found helpful and things I have learnt from those who do know. These are ways of staying well rather than treating mental illness, but the two overlap a bit. One thing I have found is that the end of Lockdown and the easing of Covid restrictions have been good for some people. However, others found the uncertainty and frequent changes of rules even harder to cope with.

How to start working on your mental health?

Mental and physical health are related. It works in both directions! I have written before on that and would like to affirm all that I wrote then. I would emphasise that you don’t have to be a fitness fanatic, since that can cause stress. Just get some healthy exercise and fresh air and review your diet. It also worthwhile getting rid of bad habits like smoking, taking drugs or excess alcohol. If the attempt fails and/or creates more stress, get proper help.

Tenby beach. A walk on the beach can help your mental health.

Tenby beach. A walk on the beach can help your mental health.

Mental Health is a big subject.

You can expect another series of blogs on different aspects of this as there is obviously a need for us all to help each other. I hope at least some of the things I say will be a help to you, if only by reminding you of things you have forgotten. Stay well!