Of all my Christmas presents last month, I think the one that has so far given me most pleasure is The Road to Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson.  He is an American who came to Britain some forty years ago and is still here.  He comments on the changes he has observed, good and bad, over the years.  He writes about his travels around this island, sharing some fascinating information about our history and geography as well as sharing his impressions of the places he visits.

Bill Bryson is a man after my own heart in many ways.  (Sorry.  I will try to use fewer cliches.)  I find him expressing views I did not know I had, as well as enthusing over the beauty of this country and the many good things we have.  Where I disagree with him, I have enjoyed reading his well written and thought-provoking remarks.  He also has a similar sense of humour to mine.  Perhaps we are both just grumpy old men.  I hope we are both interesting grumpy old men.

I may be tempted to quote a few lines or pass on a few pieces of information from time to time.  I will try to remember to give him the credit.  I am not a plagiarist: but if something is worth saying it is probably worth repeating.