It’s hard to be happy in Lockdown.

Lockdown may seem worse than Coronavirus for some people. Many might say that in a bad moment, but for some, sadly, it could be true. Depression can be deadly. Confinement can also put a lot of strain on relationships. Being separated will be hard for some, but being together all the time can be just as hard.

A lioness in a zoo: does Lockdown feel like this to you?

A lioness in a zoo: does Lockdown feel like this to you?

If you’re a Christian, don’t think this doesn’t apply to you, and don’t beat yourself up too much if you find it hard. I don’t know who wrote the following rhyme, but it’s appropriate.

“How blest will be Eternity, with saints above in Glory,

But here below, with the saints I know – that’s a different story!”

How do you behave in Lockdown?

I hope we can all see the reasons for the emergency measures the government has taken. Minimising contact between people is an essential element of the strategy for national survival, along with increased hygiene and support for the NHS. I have written on my other blog about the Risk Management aspects of this crisis, if you want my opinion. You may think, like me, that some of the rules are unnecessary and that others have been overinterpreted by the police and others in authority. However, now is not the time to disobey or make trouble: we’ve got enough already! Instead of dwelling on all that’s wrong, we need to accept anything we can’t change and look for ways of making the best of it.

The Welsh Hills: are we locked out during Lockdown?

The Welsh Hills: are we locked out during Lockdown?

So how do you make the best of Lockdown?

I have written recently about counting your blessings and I have written some time ago about happiness and defeating depression. Perhaps now is a good time to re-read some of that. I admit that I am better off than many people, but whoever you are, whatever your situation, try to find things you can enjoy. I mean, make a point of noticing and savouring such things as a walk in the park, a beautiful view, a great film, a well-written book (want a recommendation?) a challenging puzzle, a funny or interesting post on social media, a virtual meeting – whatever you can access.

How to enjoy meals and keep fit in Lockdown

Try enjoying your food. I mean, don’t just scoff it: concentrate on it as you eat it. Remember, as I wrote recently, also to take care of your physical and mental health in whatever way is appropriate for you: exercise, food, sleep, mental stimulation… and of course, taking your medication.

Stay safe and enjoy… something!