Do you speak standard English?  I don’t.  I speak with a bit of a mixture of accents, as I have moved around a lot.  I find our wide variety of accents and dialects in Britain interesting.  I think it would be boring if we all sounded the same.  I also like foreign accents.  I enjoy trying to identify them.  Of course, I want to be able to understand people, but you can be clearly spoken or unintelligible in any accent.  Even posh people can sound quite unclear sometimes.

I try to reflect the way different people speak when I write dialogue.  Some of my characters will have slight accents, others stronger ones.  In Accounting for Murder: Double Entry, there are people with Asian accents as well as Welsh, London or Lancashire. I hope readers will be able to mal sense of all the dialogue, but will find the different characters more interesting because they do not all speak in the same way.

I am sorry to hear that some people are sensitive about any reference to their accents.  They seem to think they are being mocked. I certainly disapprove of laughing at people because of the way they speak.  Merely noting it, however, should not in itself be considered offensive.

I hope nobody will think I am mocking any group of people.  I do not consider Welsh people, for instance, as inferior because they have their distinctive way of pronouncing English.  I expect English people have distinctive ways of pronouncing Welsh. Long may it be so!