Have you heard of LifeTime?

I have mentioned Lifetime in my press release about the new St Paul’s Church building in Penketh, Warrington. It is a new type of church service in a new, modern church. It is for the old and the very young. Every Thursday except 31 Oct from 9.30 am to 12.00.

The new St Pauls Penketh where LifeTime will happen

The new St Pauls Penketh where LifeTime happens at 227 Warrington Road WA5 2R6

What is different about LifeTime?

It is not a traditional church service but enables people to explore informally ways of enriching each other’s lives through play, music and activities with time to listen to and talk to God and to each other.

You don’t have to have faith to come and find out. It’s a journey. Everyone has to begin somewhere. Bring your doubts. That can be a very good place to start. But don’t worry, nobody is going to put pressure on you, it won’t be intense. We all go at different speeds. We hope you’ll enjoy the journey.

Faith and Doubt: LifeTime gives room to both.

Faith and Doubt: LifeTime gives room to both and is fun.

What if LifeTime is not for you?

You could always try a Sunday service at 10.30? They are not very formal. There is a fairly traditional Holy Communion service at 9.00 on most Sundays except the fourth Sunday of each month. A lot of people think “church” has to be the same as the one they remember from… whenever. Or something they saw on TV, probably in a costume drama. I recommend trying a few, as I explained in my book, How to Cope with the Church. Perhaps you would find it a help?

If you want to do your own thing in this building, you could hire it. People and organisations that are interested should contact Karen Howard for more details on 01925 486955 or www.centremanager@the-oaks.org.uk