The Key to a Murder is what?

The Key to a Murder is the title of my latest book which I have just published. It is not in the Accounting for Murder series. However, like those books, I have set it mostly in Cardiff and it features another amateur detective. This is a young man studying theology, intending to train as a vicar. He has intellectual and emotional conflicts. That’s before he tries to investigate his father’s murder.

Here’s a synopsis of The Key to a Murder

Matthew Chaplain is studying theology in Cardiff when he learns his father’s death was murder. The outcome of the police investigation causes him to question his call to the Christian ministry and to seek a more lucrative career. This leads him into dealings with farmers, businessmen, a pop singer and an aristocratic female jockey, while he begins to lose his moral compass. New evidence leads to his realisation that the forces behind his father’s death were far more sinister than either he or the police had imagined. He reconsiders his values and his future as he becomes increasingly involved in the investigation, putting himself and others in considerable danger in an apparently peaceful setting.

Why is it called that?

You will probably not be surprised to discover that the title has two meanings. The key refers to both a physical key and a metaphorical one. To learn more… buy the book! It is available as a paperback and an e-book on Amazon/Kindle.

A key. This image is on the cover of The Key to a Murder.

This image is on the cover of The Key to a Murder.