Low Sunday is the name for the Sunday after Easter

What’s low about it? There are various ideas, but many think it’s because the disciples were feeling low. Some had seen Jesus crucified on Good Friday. Some had seen him alive again on Easter Sunday. A week went by and.. nothing! Had they imagined it? Anyway, what next? Their movement wasn’t moving. They were shut in behind locked doors for fear of sharing Jesus’s fate.

Doubt and Faith. Low Sunday was a severe test.

Doubt and Faith. Low Sunday was a severe test.

Are you feeling low?

We’ve just survived three weeks in Lockdown and been rewarded with another three. After that – more of the same? Does anyone have an exit strategy? I think many of us know how those disciples felt. There is a danger we can let our feelings feed on themselves and take us lower and lower, ending in depression. Or worse. Some of my previous posts, such as the last one, might be a help, but there’s more.

How to beat that low feeling?

In the gospels, the disciples mood and their attitude changed when Jesus appeared among them. The situation didn’t change, but they did. Many people can tell you that an encounter with Jesus changes everything, primarily themselves. Perhaps it’s worth exploring? If you think that’s impossible during Lockdown, think again. Go on any Christian website. Link online with a church or Christian group. Look for a book that could help. You could start with How to Cope With the Church. It talks about prayer, Bible reading and online churches – all things you can do anywhere any time.

How to cope with Church: Practical advice for would-be Christians

If you’re not a believer, must you stay low?

No! There’s truth here for everyone. One thing that often lifts people out of the dark valley is a mission, a purpose, looking beyond themselves and their circumstances.to something bigger. How about planning for what you will do when Coronavirus is past? Celebrate? Hold a big party? I hope so. But beyond that?

Things will not go back to how they were. Well, perhaps for some, but not for most of us. Will the changes be for better or worse? What can you and I do about it? Will we sit back and leave it to Boris?  Perhaps for some the answer is political, but life exists outside politics. What can you do to affect the future? In your community, your work or business, your family? Don’t stay low: let’s get up together!