Start 2020 with the Four Points.

The Four Points form the clearest, most concise explanation of the Christian gospel I have ever seen. Well, if you want to argue (but why would you? You?) you could say it is one version or one aspect of the gospel. Fair enough, but it’s still valid and important. If Matthew, Mark, Luke and John told it in four different ways, you can’t insist there’s only one way of looking at it. But this is one way. And you don’t have to be religious, as I said in a previous post.

Are the Four Points new to me?

No. I have known the gospel message, and various versions of it, for a long time. It’s just this neat presentation I’ve just discovered. I think it’s helpful, but of course to get the full picture, you need to read the whole Bible, but you might not have time today. The Four Points are a good start, and if you’re with someone, they’re a good starting place for a discussion.

But what ARE the Four Points?

They’re set out on this strip. If you print it, you can cut it out and put it where you can see it and you can even fold it to make a cube, or two. It’s a useful reminder even if you’ve known it for a long time. For more information, go to

The four points in words and images

The four points in words and images

Can’t read the Four Points?

The legibility of the images depends on the device you are reading this on. Here’s a summary.

  1. The Heart. Love. God made the World and everything in it and He loves it: all of it, including you and me – yes you – unconditionally!
  2. A capital¬† X. What’s Wrong? Us!¬† We mess things up all the time. Christians call it sin, which means doing the opposite of what God wants, like not loving your neighbour, not bothering with God or not caring about the environment. This wrecks relationships and damages us in lots of ways.
  3. The Cross. Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty. God was punishing Himself so He didn’t have to punish us. After that, Jesus rose from the dead, which means He beat death so we can too by faith in him.
  4. A question mark. What are you and I going to do about it? We can choose. Now and every day.

For a better explanation, go to

Are the Four Points in season on 1/1?

I suppose they always are, but what better way to start a new year? They say The better the day the better the deed. Think about it!