A Happy Easter may sound a bit hollow

Happy Easter and Lockdown don’t go together for many of us. I have written before about coping with this situation.I do hope that all I’ve said is some help. Here’s another key to living in Lockdown: acceptance!

In any situation, you have three options:

  1. Change it
  2. Get depressed
  3. Make the best of it
  4. Let me know if you think of one

We can’t change this one. You can either get bitter, angry and depressed or accept it and find ways of making it work better for you. Look again at my previous blogs. But Option (2) is all too real a possibility. Make a decision to reject it.

A Personal Happy Easter

Remember that the Easter Story is of victory over the grave. It really is appropriate!

Here’s an Easter greeting.[If you want to know about LifeTime, see my blog on that subject. But sadly, like evreything else, LifeTime cannot meet physically at present].