Is the real story, why I have not published the sequel yet?

My second detective story, Accounting for Murder, Book II, Old Money, will not be published before Christmas. There have been various delays and now I am re-rewriting it. They say anyone can write a book (!) but the skill is in rewriting, to get rid of all the faults. I am also working on another non-fiction book, about Risk Management. My second detective mystery will probably be out early in the New Year.  I hope you will find the wait worthwhile.

What books are you getting for Christmas?

If you have not yet read Accounting for Murder, Book I, Double Entry, now could be a good time, so you’ll be ready for the sequel. Anyway, you want a new detective story to read during the Christmas holidays, don’t you?

I am giving you an extra Christmas present this year. For a few days before Christmas, you will be able to get Accounting for Murder, Book I, Double Entry free on Kindle. Watch for details of the dates.