What’s not inclusive about the Four Points?

Not being inclusive was one criticism of The Four Points which I didn’t mention in my recent blog about the reactions I have had to the one on the Four Points. This is mainly because I have written about the question before. The criticism is that the Four Points don’t acknowledge other religions or other ways to God. Am I assuming Christianity is unique or that organised churchgoing is the only valid response of faith? If so, am I not being arrogant? That would be true if I, or the Church, made the rules, in other words, if Christianity was a man-made religion. However, if Jesus is the Son of God, then he lays down the rules and we can only follow.

A preacher preaching. Is he being inclusive?

A preacher preaching. Is he being inclusive?

Is your religion inclusive?

Some people draw on many faiths and philosophies to help them make sense of the World. It seems like a good idea. Why reject so much wisdom? Many Christian writers and thinkers, from the earliest times, have done that to some extent. There is no need to say that all other religions and philosophies are wrong in every respect. But if you believe Jesus is the Son of God, other ideas, religious or secular, can be assessed only in the light of Jesus teaching, not vice versa. This is explained in the first couple of chapters of the book of Romans in the Bible. The danger of the Do-it-yourself¬† or Pick-and-mix approach is that you can end by setting yourself above God and telling him what bits you agree with. You didn’t create the World!

Christianity is inclusive!

Anyone, of any race or nationality, regardless of their previous religious experience or understanding, can become a Christian by making a simple decision to follow Jesus. You can sort out the details later. It may take some time. And that’s true even if you come from a churchgoing family. Every human being has to make that decision. If you don’t make it, you are by implication deciding not to be a Christian. Like Noah’s family, we are all in the same boat. The apostle John wrote, “God so loved the World that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but shall have eternal life.” That “whoever” makes it totally inclusive.

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