There has been a report by the London School of Economics on happiness.

It says, among other things, that people who are married or in long term relationships tend to be happier and live longer than other people.  This will surprise anyone who has listened to too many old-fashioned jokes about “the wife” and “the mother-in-law”.  Who is laughing now?

What else is important?

The Report also mentions depression and stress as major reasons why many people are not happy.  I have written about my contribution to stress on my Risk Management blog.  See:

Has anyone else been studying happiness?

I am aware of a lot of other research in the last decade or so, which began in the University of Mexico, into what makes us happy, which made a change from all the studies in the Twentieth Century into neuroses, psychoses, manias etc.  In other words, they used to study only people who were far from happy.

When I read some of the findings, I could not help being struck by the similarity with a lot of the advice given in the Bible.  Perhaps it was to do with following the Maker’s instructions.  They are just as valid, whatever your religion or other philosophy.

I will say something about each of the main findings in separate blogs starting soon.  I hope this will get us all off to a good start for a Happy New Year.