I am feeling down and depressed

I am seldom depressed. For almost all this year I have been feeling happy enough through all the minor ups and downs, partly because I have continued to count my blessings as I said at the start of Lockdown. I have written about various aspects of happiness and depression and mostly followed my own advice. Difficulties with IT have been frustrating, but I managed to keep a sense of proportion. However it took a conscious effort at times!

So why am I depressed now?

There are two factors affecting me at once.

  1. I’ve got a cold
  2. The weather.

It’s not a bad cold, but it seems to be draining my strength, especially mental and creative energy. That’s why I’ve not blogged or tweeted much for a while. The weather hasn’t been terrible: just fairly cold and damp, with a cold wind at times. The worst thing is the darkness. Days are short enough at this time of year and the overcast skies have deprived me of the sight of the sun most days.

What have I done about being depressed?

Not much. I’ve counted my blessings and told myself this won’t last. I’ve not tried to force myself to write or do anything much. It’s one of the advantages of not having a paid nine-to-five. Today I’m feeling a bit better and have decided it’s time to get back into things. I have managed to avoid being depressed about being depressed.

Is this a Good Thing?

The last few days have given me a taste of what many people experience all the time and to a much worse degree. Therefore it has taught me to sympathise and empathise more than ever. It has reminded me of the truth of the things I have written. I just need to remember them and apply them. I hope they can be a help to others too.

My hero in DOWN is depressed, at least for half the book

He has a good reason for it. You will have to read the book to find out. I hope you do. But don’t let it depress you!

The hero of DOWN has reason to be depressed

The hero of DOWN has reason to be depressed