What is New Money?

New Money is the latest book in my series Accounting for Murder. It was hinted at in a recent piece about me in the Warrington Guardian on how I have been spending my time during Lockdown.

What is New Money About?

New Money is set in the present, when Wales is just coming out of Lockdown and accountant Frank Hill is looking forward to mixing business with pleasure in Pembrokeshire where his daughter Jane is working and learning at a riding centre run by a client in need of financial advice. He encounters once again the vain body-builders, Gary Edwards and his son Martin. The youngsters enjoy wild beach-parties, taking no account of social distancing. But it is not a virus that kills one of them. Is it a hate crime or part of something bigger? Frank needs the help of all his family as tries to prevent a miscarriage of justice and catch the real killer, but what kinds of danger will he be drawing to himself and them?

Where can you buy New Money?

It is available as an e-book or a paperback on Amazon/Kindle.

Accounting for Murder: New Money by [John Murray]