The Christian Church was in the News at Easter but so what now?

Is being a Christian a help at times like this, and not just over Easter? For many the answer is obvious, whilst for others this can be a big test of their faith. I have already written about faith and happiness and all I said then is still relevant.

For me, being a Christian helps at a time like this in these ways:

  1.  God is with me: I am never alone:
  2. I am a member of the community called the Church and we care for each other.
  3. Being a Christian means you don’t get too wrapped up in your own problems, but think about what you can do for others and count your blessings.
  4. Christians know that material things aren’t all that matters, which means that  running out of toilet rolls would be inconvenient (!) but not the end of the World. Hardship helps us empathise with those for whom life is always hard.
  5. In spite of how it looks, I believe there is a purpose to all this. (If you don’t believe that, it’s all meaningless).This pandemic doesn’t contradict the Bible, because it doesn’t say terrible things won’t happen, but that they will, as it says in Revelation or any of the prophetic books.
  6. I know my fate is in God’s hands, whatever happens, as it always was and always will be.
  7. If the worst happens, it won’t be the End.

What if you are not a Christian?

I can speak with knowledge only of my own faith, but I expect other faiths help people in similar ways, as many of the things I’ve said probably apply to them, but I can’t say. Personally, I don’t know how atheists cope, but if you’ve got some sort of philosophy that isn’t religious, it could be a help. I would hate to be someone who could only think this was all as pointless as it looks.

Does the Church keep you from being a Christian?

For a long time I found churchgoing was the part of Christianity I could least connect with. Some of the things I learnt are in my  short book How to Cope with the Church. I talk about how to pray and read the Bible. Is Sunday worship essential, and people’s misconceptions about God and about the Church. You might find this a good time to read it.

This book deals with some of the problems of being a Christian in Church

This book deals with some of the problems of being a Christian in Church