Why Carry On?

Carry On occurred to me while I have been trying to write something about the present state of politics. The other idea I had was based on Yes Prime Minister. I combined the two and the result is here. I have been finding it difficult to outdo actual events.

Carry on Prime Minister

Sir Humphrey, head of the Civil Service (Terry Scott): Prime Minister, the papers are highly critical of you again.

PM (Sid James): Cor blimey! After all I’ve done, ain’t they grateful? They do nothing but knock. Load of knockers.

The PM’s partner appears (Babs Windsor): You calling for me?

PM: Not now, but thanks for reminding me. Was there something else, Sir Humphrey?

Sir H: We have received another demand from the Leader of the Opposition for an inquiry.

PM (Sid James): What’s he poking his nose into now?

Sir H: He wants to examine all your doings.

PM: What a filthy bugger!

Sir H: No, Prime Minister, he wants details of all your affairs.

PM: Strewth! That’ll keep ’im busy. Does ’e know ’ow man I’ve ’ad? I’ve lost count meself.

Sir H: No, Prime Minister. He wants an enquiry into your business affairs. He suspects impropriety.

business and money

PM: Suspects? The fool’s no idea.

Sir H: I think there has been a leak.

PM: Didn’t you go before you came in?

Sir H: Not that kind, Prime Minister, a leak of information.

PM: Find out who’s doing it will you. Start with my spads. Time they got the sack anyway.

PM’s partner: I thought you’d given up spuds to lose weight!

Special Advisor appears from behind curtain (Kenneth Williams): I hope you are not insinuating…

PM: I’ll incinerate what I like. I’ll incinerate you if it turns out you’ve been leaking. Now get on with it both of you and leave me to carry on with Carrie.

Both: Yes Prime Minister!

Carry on showing the flag.

I am so fed up with the sight of the Union Jack, despite my affection for it, that I feel I must show the Red Dragon instead.