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How true to life should fiction be?

Fiction on TV and in print usually reflects real life. If you exclude some kinds of fantasy, you will probably find that most fiction writers try to make their stories depict life as it really is. However, we do allow some 'poetic licence'to make a story more readable...

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Would I have made a good detective in reality?

I learnt a bit about reality recently As I mentioned recently, I encountered the reality of detective work, when I was talking to a former detective, who now writes crime fiction. I noted that his knowledge of police procedures and culture was an advantage. He...

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How do you cope with your vicar?

Why do you need to cope with a vicar? If you have a problem coping with the church, is the vicar part of the problem? In some churches the title is rector, curate, priest, pastor or minister, but the point is that someone is in charge. If you can't relate to that...

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When and why did I find it hardest to relate to the Church?

Do you find it hard to relate to the Church? Many people, even people who believe in God, cannot relate to the Church. I wrote about this in my book How to Cope with the Church.  Some say that the one thing it lacks is an account of my journey. How did I learn to cope...

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Why did I often find it hard to cope with the Church?

I promised to write about myself, so as to fill a gap some of you have found in How to Cope with the Church. I said I would tell something of my own journey. Here are some of my earliest memories of that journey. What did I first find hard to cope with? Firstly, I...

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What do people say is missing from my writing? Myself!

Who wants to know about myself? You might have thought I didn't need to write about myself, if you're interested in what I have to say rather than who I am.  However, there are people who like to know all about the writers they follow. There is quite a lot on my...

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Is time another advantage for the amateur detective?

Do I mean time in fact or fiction? I have written about reasons why we need amateur detectives in real life as well as in detective novels. Now I will look at the different perspectives amateurs have from the police when it comes to the question of time. Is...

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Be alert – here are more ways to spot fake news

I have written before about fake news, saying why it is a bad thing and suggesting clues to help you tell the fake from the genuine. Here are a few more. Although no one thing can usually prove a story is fake, you should apply some of these tests before you believe...

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The reason we need amateur detectives in fiction and fact

Do we need amateur detectives in fact or only in fiction? You probably know I have chosen to make my hero an amateur detective. But that's fiction, isn't it? What about real life? I have also written about trusting the police. Unfortunately, there are times when the...

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Are the Quakers trying to abolish God?

What are the Quakers doing? The Quakers, or officially the Society of Friends, have aroused some controversy by discussing rewording things to avoid using the word 'God'. They are asking whether a belief in God is a precondition for being a Quaker. Are Quakers...

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Is #metoo trying to slay the wrong giant?

What has #metoo been doing? #metoo has mobilised women, and quite a few men, against sexual predation and institutionalised sexism. This is in response to several well publicised cases, where powerful men have, allegedly, misused their status to commit sexual assaults...

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