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When and how did I know my faith was real?

Do you wonder if your faith is real? I have written about my decision to become a Christian and about the beginnings of my journey to a real faith. Like many people, I was soon to question the validity of my decision. For many months after my conversion, I did  little...

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What was the beginning of my journey of faith?

Was my decision to become a Christian not the beginning? I have written about my decision to become a Christian in my first year at university. I used to think that was the beginning. Nowadays, I look further back in my life. This does not reduce the importance of...

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How, when and where did I find faith?

I often write about faith. Faith is the subject of a number of my blogs and is one element in my book, How to Cope with the Church, but I don't say much about my own journey. That is because I think the important thing isn't myself, but the things I believe. Anyway,...

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How I experienced the Centenary of the Armistice

What did I do on 11 November 2018? Here is an item I wrote about a Remembrance Day event I went to. I have submitted this to the Warrington Guardian, but I am putting it on my blog as not everyone reads that paper. Penketh and Great Sankey Remember On Sunday the 11th...

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How true to life should fiction be?

Fiction on TV and in print usually reflects real life. If you exclude some kinds of fantasy, you will probably find that most fiction writers try to make their stories depict life as it really is. However, we do allow some 'poetic licence'to make a story more readable...

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