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Is now the time to count your blessings?

Blessings? Why now? Blessings may seem scarce right now. Many people are anxious or depressed. Yet this is just the time to be positive. I have written about this before, but now is a good time to think about it again. This is when we need to balance our thoughts and...

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How do Christians react to this pandemic?

The Covid-19 pandemic affects people differently. Some people react to the current pandemic with panic, others with complacency. Even Christians don't all respond in the same way. Some say we should have faith in God to protect us and will take few precautions to...

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Time to read two murder mysteries?

What murder mysteries? I have written two murder mysteries in the series Accounting for Murder, and I want to encourage you to read both if you have not done so already. The third in the series will be available later this year. Of course, you don't have to read them...

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Can parts of novels count as short stories?

I have shared a couple of short stories During National Storytellers Week I shared two short stories: The Three Card Trick and an Amateur Detective Investigates a Horse Dealer. I hope you enjoyed at least one of them. This next offering is the first chapter of my...

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Review of ‘Absolute Proof’ by Peter James

What is Absolute Proof? Absolute Proof is the title of a novel by Peter James. It is a mystery thriller and is a good read if you like mysteries and/or thrillers, as I do. It's fast moving with lots of twists like most of Peter James's books. What is Absolute Proof...

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Must God forgive you or can you do it?

Does anyone need to forgive you? We all need to forgive one another frequently. I have written about this before. Don't hang on to past hurts. Ask others for forgiveness: don't leave them smouldering. You can also see from the Four Points and many other sources that...

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Another story for National Storytellers’ Week

This is still National Storytellers Week As this is National Storytellers' Week, I said in a previous post that I would be sharing some short stories with you this week. I hope you enjoyed the last one. Here's a very different one, about an amateur detective buying a...

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Some short stories for National Storytellers’ Week.

Do you like short stories? Although I write novels, I do sometimes write short stories. I'll be sharing several this week, most of which I have posted here before, but I'll try to write a new one if I've time. I can enjoy a good story more than once and I hope you...

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Are the Four Points not inclusive?

What's not inclusive about the Four Points? Not being inclusive was one criticism of The Four Points which I didn't mention in my recent blog about the reactions I have had to the one on the Four Points. This is mainly because I have written about the question before....

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Were the gospels myths?

What are myths? Different people use the word 'myths' differently. Some people mean they are traditional stories with no historical basis. Some of those who have been responding, online and offline, to my post on the Four Points probably mean it in that way. Others...

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Have you heard of the Four Points?

Start 2020 with the Four Points. The Four Points form the clearest, most concise explanation of the Christian gospel I have ever seen. Well, if you want to argue (but why would you? You?) you could say it is one version or one aspect of the gospel. Fair enough, but...

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