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When and how did I know my faith was real?

Do you wonder if your faith is real? I have written about my decision to become a Christian and about the beginnings of my journey to a real faith. Like many people, I was soon to question the validity of my decision. For many months after my conversion, I did  little...

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What was the beginning of my journey of faith?

Was my decision to become a Christian not the beginning? I have written about my decision to become a Christian in my first year at university. I used to think that was the beginning. Nowadays, I look further back in my life. This does not reduce the importance of...

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How, when and where did I find faith?

I often write about faith. Faith is the subject of a number of my blogs and is one element in my book, How to Cope with the Church, but I don't say much about my own journey. That is because I think the important thing isn't myself, but the things I believe. Anyway,...

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How I experienced the Centenary of the Armistice

What did I do on 11 November 2018? Here is an item I wrote about a Remembrance Day event I went to. I have submitted this to the Warrington Guardian, but I am putting it on my blog as not everyone reads that paper. Penketh and Great Sankey Remember On Sunday the 11th...

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