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Is there a lot of social comment in my books?

There seem to be two kinds of reader.  Some like a mystery novel to concentrate on the whodunit and not stray into social or political issues.  Others are interested in digging deeper into the characters and the setting.  Agatha Christie or Ian Rankin? What about me? ...

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What’s Missing from ‘How to Cope with the Church’?

Some of you have spotted a weakness in my book How to Cope with the Church. One question it does not answer is: "Why bother?" What's wrong with being a Christian and not going to Church?   I also failed to offer any advice to...

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Why are so many black people in jail?

This has been a bad year for people who care about the truth.  There was the Brexit Referendum.  Statistics and other so-called facts thrown around all over the place.  Poor old NHS! Then the Americans had an election.  More of the same.  Lots. More people should read...

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A horse’s tale

You may be aware that I have begun writing fiction, but what I am about to tell you really is true.  [I am in the company of John Cleese, Bernard Cornwell and the late Malcolm Muggeridge, to name only a few, in observing that some of the most bizarre stories in the...

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What has Donald Trump got to do with historical fiction?

Donald Trump's election has been one of the most divisive events in recent times.  It has engendered fear in some, whilst others voted for Trump out of fear. As I am a Briton, you may say I am out of order commenting on American politics, but we are all going to be...

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The Dorset Book Detective – Interview

Hannah, aka The Dorset Book Detective, has just been kind enough to interview me by e-mail for her blog.  I thought the questions were very good.  I hope some people will like the answers.  Here is the interview, showing her questions and my answers in case you are...

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What do you remember on 5th November?

Although it might seem a bit pointless, or at best a bit of harmless fun, celebrating the 5th of November has become a part of our British way of life.  Here's why I think it is worth it.  Read this article I wrote a few years ago.  It is at least as relevant now as...

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What kind of crime-fiction writer am I?

Some people say that there are two kinds of crime-fiction writer: mystery writers thriller writers What's the difference? Mystery novels are also called 'whodunits' as the main interest is in working out who did the crime or possibly in seeing how the detective goes...

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What’s unique about me and my books?

Many writers of non-fiction, including myself, suffer from a certain doubt.  It may come from inside our heads or be suggested by other people. This is the question of not being different enough from other writers to be considered unique.  What I mean is that there...

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What is a Christian book?

I have now written four works of non-fiction and am working on a detective novel.  As my last book How to Cope with the Church is an expression of my Christian faith, I have been asked: Whether it is a departure from my usual theme(s) Whether my novel will be a...

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Are you interested in the Occult?

As Halloween approaches, I observe that there are four kinds of people. Some people begin to think about the Occult. For others it is just a time to dress up and have a party.  Some are hostile to it. Then there are those who do not pay it any attention. If you are in...

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What do my books have in common?

I have now written four books. How to Avoid Being Misled by Statistics Be Victorious! Load the Dice How to Cope with the Church I set out more details later in this article. Some people find it hard to detect a common theme.  This applies to my blogs and Ezine...

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