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What have I missed out in ‘How to cope with the Church’?

There are a lot of things I have not included in this book.  You could probably think of several.  The reason for that is that I wanted to keep it short, simple and cheap.  I tried to concentrate on things I think people need to know.  Things that will help them...

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Have you seen the elephant?

No, I have not lost one. No! That's not an elephant! I recently heard someone saying that children these days do not seem to show as much awe and wonder at the marvelous creatures that they see in the zoo as ‘we’ did.  I am not sure who ‘we’ included, but never mind....

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How to cope with the Church?

While working on my first detective novel, I have continued to write and speak on a number of other subjects.  I am about to publish another non-fiction book called How to Cope with the Church. It is not intended for regular, lifelong committed churchgoers.  It is not...

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What kind of words can I use?

“No adjectives!” cried John, the author, “No effing adjectives?  Who says?” “It’s company policy.” replied Harvey, the executive from his publishers as he handed back the manuscript. “Well, what stupid, blinkered, unimaginative, idiotic, moronic old fool came up with...

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What is this site?

I have set up this blog so I can write about writing as opposed to my other blog where I write about Risk Management.  Of course I have written there about other things too sometimes, but as I am doing more writing, especially...

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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