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Are the Four Points not inclusive?

What's not inclusive about the Four Points? Not being inclusive was one criticism of The Four Points which I didn't mention in my recent blog about the reactions I have had to the one on the Four Points. This is mainly because I have written about the question before....

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Were the gospels myths?

What are myths? Different people use the word 'myths' differently. Some people mean they are traditional stories with no historical basis. Some of those who have been responding, online and offline, to my post on the Four Points probably mean it in that way. Others...

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Have you heard of the Four Points?

Start 2020 with the Four Points. The Four Points form the clearest, most concise explanation of the Christian gospel I have ever seen. Well, if you want to argue (but why would you? You?) you could say it is one version or one aspect of the gospel. Fair enough, but...

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What crime did Prince Andrew commit?

Prince Andrew has become very unpopular. Prince Andrew gave a TV interview which turned most people against him. Why? The main complaint against him seems to be that he was friendly with Jeffry Epstein. We don't know how much he knew and how far he collaborated with...

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Is Remembrance Day a bad thing?

Remembrance Day? It's a no-brainer, surely? For many people, Remembrance Day is a fixture on the calendar, a part of our national life that they would miss if it were not there. It is obviously right to remember those who gave their lives for their country in two...

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What is LifeTime at St Paul’s?

Have you heard of LifeTime? I have mentioned Lifetime in my press release about the new St Paul's Church building in Penketh, Warrington. It is a new type of church service in a new, modern church. It is for the old and the very young. Every Thursday except 31 Oct...

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Do these answers help you?

What answers? I have already posted some answers to questions people have asked about Accounting for Murder, Book II, Old Money. I hope they help. If you've any more questions, please let me have them. I enjoy thinking about them. They might help me improve my next...

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What’s the beginning of Old Money like?

Is the prologue the beginning? I have already posted the prologue and it is the beginning, before Chapter I, but this is the start of the main body of the book. The start of Chapter I. I hope you found the prologue interesting. This will give you an even better idea...

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Why does ‘Old Money’ have a prologue?

A prologue of what? A prologue of Accounting for Murder, Book II, Old Money : the new book I have talked about in my last blog. Why have a prologue? Sometimes a prologue is a chapter that is out of sequence with the rest of the book. For instance, it may describe an...

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The New St Paul’s Penketh is here!

St Paul's is where? Penketh,  West Warrington, That's 221 Warrington Road WA5 2RX Is St Paul's Penketh new? Work has finished on St Paul's Penketh, in West Warrington after several years, when the congregation has been worshiping in the Oaks Centre nearby. We hoped it...

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Answers to Questions about Old Money.

What questions? Here are some questions people ask about my new book, Accounting for Murder, Book II, Old Money. Perhaps you wanted to ask one or more of them. I hope you find the answers as interesting as I found some of the questions. These are the questions. - and...

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At last! My new book ‘Old Money’ is here!

What is Old Money? My new book: Accounting for Murder, Book II, Old Money which is, unsurprisingly, a sequel to Accounting for Murder, Book I, Double Entry. What is Old Money about? Accountant Frank Hill and his wife, Sian, take minor parts in a horror picture being...

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