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Apologies for apologies

Apologies are popular Apologies pour out of some people with little thought. You may not value them. We may be getting one later today. for Partygate. I may comment on it later, but for now here's a series of apologies I have written. Apologies from a writer My editor...

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Inflation: what a laugh!

Inflation is in the news Inflation is here and is not going away, whatever Richi does. We need to learn how to talk about it: an art we have forgotten during the low-inflation decades. Although I've not posted anything lately, I have been writing. I'll tell you about...

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Posh people, the new minority?

Posh people are a minority Posh people are obviously a small percentage of the population by definition. They wouldn't be posh if they were the same as everyone. However, when we think of minorities, we tend to miss out this particular group. We major on  BAME and...

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Vicars on TV – an unfair image?

Vicars on TV are in the news Vicars have a bad image because of TV dramas and comedies, according to Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury. He is concerned at the constant negative portrayal of clergy. I suppose he fears such an image affects how people perceive...

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Noah’s Ark floats in 2021!

Noah's Ark floated in Penketh Noah's Ark came to St Paul’s Church, Penketh, Warrington, during the last week of September to tell the story of the Ark in an unusual way. The story of the project is almost as surprising as that which it told. Sometime during the first...

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Correct English Matters!

Correct English is controversial Correct English is a guise for class snobbery, according to some, and this is joining the culture wars about which I have written previously. Do some universities and employers use a requirement for correct grammar and/or pronunciation...

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Anxiety is bad for your mental health

Anxiety is bad for you Anxiety can be both a symptom and a cause of mental ill health. It can have knock-on effects on your physical health. Sometimes it bypasses the mental stage and causes physical illness straight away: headaches, heart problems, breathing...

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Religion is good for your mental health!

Religion is controversial Religion is obviously not everyone's cup of tea for all sorts of reasons. You might not believe in any god. Perhaps you have had a negative experience with church, or you might just be too busy. If any of the above applies to you, you could...

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Scum! Is that the right word?

'Scum' has caused some controversy. 'Scum' was how Angela Rayner described the prime minister and some of his colleagues recently. The use of that word provoked some predictable reactions on both sides. Keir Starmer said it was not a word he would have used. Many...

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Humour can keep you sane.

Humour is more important than we often think Humour helps keep me sane (saner than I would be otherwise). You may be aware that I have begun writing again about mental health as it seems to be so important. I began by looking at the link between mental and physical...

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The Ark Experience is nearly here

What is the Ark Experience? The Ark Experience is an opportunity to discover the meaning of the story of Noah's Ark for us today. It will be fun for children but give adults plenty to think about. I blogged about it before but it is now almost here. There are no live...

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Mental Health is part of health generally

Mental Health is an issue for many people. Mental health needs protecting to keep many people from suffering mental illness. Mental illness week is approaching. You may remember that I have written on aspects of this before and want to remind you of what I have...

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