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Zero Tolerance? Give it zero!

What is Zero Tolerance? Zero Tolerance is a policy where people apply rules strictly, with no allowances or exceptions. Sometimes particular police forces have such a policy for certain types of crimes, where others might exercise discretion depending on the...

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Should we worry? How can we not?

Worry is all the rage. Worry is booming, although so much activity has stopped or reduced dramatically. For most of us there's a lot to worry about. Covid-19 Losing your job or source of income Running out of things you need How will easing Lockdown work? When and how...

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How big is your problem?

Any problem can seem bigger in Lockdown A problem that wouldn't have bothered you before can become overwhelming in Lockdown. You can't seem to get away from it. Of course, some things actually matter more nowadays. If your computer or phone, even your TV, stops...

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Coping? Are you having a laugh?

Is this a time to laugh? A laugh might not come easily in Lockdown. Perhaps you have read some of my posts on ways to cope. I did not mention it, but I should have. You might chuckle in spite of all the problems or because of them. The worse things are, the more you...

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Temper? Bin it, don’t bottle it up

How is your temper coping with Lockdown? If your temper is getting worse, you might find something useful in my last post about relationships in Lockdown. However, there is one thing I didn't say. It's something I learnt after many years of getting it wrong. It's...

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Does being a Christian help in Lockdown?

The Christian Church was in the News at Easter but so what now? Is being a Christian a help at times like this, and not just over Easter? For many the answer is obvious, whilst for others this can be a big test of their faith. I have already written about faith and...

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Are your relationships suffering?

We all have lots of relationships We have relationships with our families, friends, people at work, members of our social circles and others. For most of us Lockdown puts them all into one of two categories: those we can't meet up with and those we can't get away...

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How Low will you be in this Lockdown?

Low Sunday is the name for the Sunday after Easter What's low about it? There are various ideas, but many think it's because the disciples were feeling low. Some had seen Jesus crucified on Good Friday. Some had seen him alive again on Easter Sunday. A week went by...

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Two more surprising ways to survive the Lockdown

If you have survived up to now: congratulations! If you have been able to survive this Lockdown and haven't become ill in ANY way so far, you have achieved something. Give yourself a pat on the back! I hope you  liked some of the advice in my blogs. By the way, I am...

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How to have a Happy Easter even now!

A Happy Easter may sound a bit hollow Happy Easter and Lockdown don't go together for many of us. I have written before about coping with this situation.I do hope that all I've said is some help. Here's another key to living in Lockdown: acceptance! In any situation,...

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Variety can beat depression

Variety? Am I joking? 'Variety is the spice of life' they say, but it may be lacking in your life at present! You might think there's not much you can do but stick to a very narrow routine. Many people need routine, as it gives structure and familiarity to life, but...

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Lockdown: how can you cope?

It's hard to be happy in Lockdown. Lockdown may seem worse than Coronavirus for some people. Many might say that in a bad moment, but for some, sadly, it could be true. Depression can be deadly. Confinement can also put a lot of strain on relationships. Being...

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