Stress affected many people in Lockdown

Some of us hoped there would be less stress once it was eased and we could go out again and do more things. Alas! That is not how it has been. Now we seem to be going backwards and the rules seem to be changing all the time. That is because the situation is changing. The R number keeps changing. There is a conflict between the need to fight the virus and the need to keep things like businesses, sport and education going.

Does Brexit stress you?

If you thought we had got Bexit done, you might not like the present state of play. Uncertainty about our borders and the economy don’t make us feel better. What is a serious threat and what is posturing, on both sides?

How are you coping with your stress?

I wrote several blogs about this subject during Lockdown. Now they seem more relevant rather than less. Try this one of a laugh. Then go to some of the others. I may write more on this subject. It is not going to become obsolete any time soon, sadly.

Will reading about someone else’s stress help?

Perhaps you can identify with the hero in my recent novel?

The hero of DOWN was feeling stress for good reason

The hero of DOWN was feeling stress for good reason