I blogged about Tell, Serve, Give recently.

I said we hoped to serve the community as well as telling people about us in the Church of England in the area. You may think that most of the events were for old, or middle-aged, people. That’s because some are, and others are primarily for adults. But there are also family events. I’ll tell you about them in another blog. Overall, we hope there will be things for people of all ages.

What events will serve young people?
  1. There will be some events in schools,
  2. the World Book Day Event in St Barnabas School at 2 pm on Thursday 7th (I don’t know if there will be any great authors there, but let’s hope)
  3. Messy Church in St Elphin’s School on Friday 8th
  4. Grill a Bishop in St Margaret’s School also on Friday
  5. but the big one is called Chip Kendall’s Big Praise Party in the Parr Hall on Friday 8th from 1.30 to 2.30 pm.
  6. AND Chip is leading Active Church in Christ Church Padgate on Saturday 9th at 10 am.
OK – but who’s Chip Kendall and how will he serve us?

He’s a man who loves worshipping God and who loves having fun. He especially loves doing those two things together. Trust me – I’ve seen how he does it. We need someone like him in every church.