Anxiety is bad for you

Anxiety can be both a symptom and a cause of mental ill health. It can have knock-on effects on your physical health. Sometimes it bypasses the mental stage and causes physical illness straight away: headaches, heart problems, breathing difficulties. I’m sorry if this worries you, but people do worry about worrying. I have been reviewing and revising my series of posts on mental health, such as caring for your general health and having a laugh. But this is another aspect of it that we all need to think about.

What might cause you anxiety?

  • At present the problems over the supply of gas come high on the list for many people. [I suggest switching to the Utility Warehouse, but do look around.]
  • For others it’s the whole supply chain issue, especially if you think it might affect Christmas.
  • How bad will inflation be?
  • The £20 cut in Universal Credit will affect the worst-off
  • The increase in National Insurance will certainly hurt a lot of people.
  • And Covid hasn’t gone away.

At least they’ve got Brexit done – haven’t they? But if it wasn’t any of the above, there would something else , because there always is.

What can you do about your anxiety?

I wrote about it during the first lockdown. The end of lockdown and other restrictions has not put an end to your worries, if you are like most people. Remember that worrying doesn’t help. At least, not when you are concerned about something you can’t control. Of course, you should take sensible steps to deal with problems you can control. However, I don’t think most of us can do much about the things I listed above. If you are in the cabinet, of course, I hope you will act quickly and effectively. On the other hand, if you are one of the rest of us, think about the things you can influence and take steps to manage them. Perhaps my book Load the Dice will give you some ideas. Otherwise, think about my previous posts and stop worrying.

The cover of Load The Dice. Could this help you manage your anxiety?

Could this help you manage your anxiety?