What questions?

Here are some questions people ask about my new book, Accounting for Murder, Book II, Old Money. Perhaps you wanted to ask one or more of them. I hope you find the answers as interesting as I found some of the questions.

These are the questions. – and my answers.

Why did you write this book?

I wanted a sequel to Double Entry. I had always intended Accounting for Murder to be a series and I think Double Entry was a good start. It established my hero and several other characters in a realistic setting. What I didn’t want is a sequel that’s just a repeat of Book I with a few tweaks, which is what we too often find.

So, in what ways is Old Money different from Double Entry?

As soon as my hero, Frank, gets involved in making a film, he’s moving out of his comfort zone, even before he gets caught up in the mystery. We’re not just dealing with accountants and businessmen. Actors and moviemakers have a different culture.

Secondly, there’s the setting in Castell Coch. You could say that the castle itself becomes one of the players in the story.

Then there’s the supernatural element, or the question as to whether or not there is a supernatural element.

The biggest difference is that the events in this story place a lot of strain on Frank and Sian’s marriage and their relationship with their teenage children. In the first book, Double Entry, everything seemed OK from that point of view. Now we’re not so sure.

The result of all these things is that Frank finds himself stretched in several ways and finds abilities he didn’t know he had and sees aspects of Sian he hadn’t noticed before.

What did you enjoy about writing Old Money?

There was the development of Frank and some of the other characters and their relationships.

The other thing was the challenge of weaving the different elements together: the story of the film, the question of the haunting, Frank and Sian’s relationship and across all of that the murder mystery itself.

Any more questions?

Please let me have some more questions. I’ll do my best to answer them. I hope you will find they help you enjoy the book all the more. I know I enjoy receiving and answering your questions.


Accounting for Murder: Double Entry