What answers?

I have already posted some answers to questions people have asked about Accounting for Murder, Book II, Old Money.

I hope they help. If you’ve any more questions, please let me have them. I enjoy thinking about them. They might help me improve my next book.Here are my answers to a few more questions.

Here are the latest questions and my answers.

You say Frank and Sian’s marriage is under strain. Do you think infidelity always destroys relationships?

Always is a word to be used with caution. But I do think infidelity makes for serious problems. Trust is important in any relationship – business, social, family, whatever. But in marriage it’s essential. And infidelity and trust don’t tend to go together, even when the couple are honest about it. They also find that a ‘one-off’ event has ongoing consequences. You can’t just put it behind you the way you might like.

Apart from that, Frank and Sian find it difficult to give guidance about relationships to the kids once they themselves start misbehaving.

Is it ever easy for parents to give guidance about relationships?

No! That’s just it. Young people find it hard to believe that the older generation can teach them anything. Sometimes there’s good reason for their scepticism. It’s also often hard for older people to have their accumulated wisdom rejected. They can take it personally. But youngsters soon spot hypocrisy, or anything phoney. So Frank and Sian are at a disadvantage when they see their daughter getting involved with someone they think will be bad for her, when they’ve both been unfaithful. Who are they to tell her what’s good or bad?

Another thing the characters argue about is the supernatural. Do you believe in ghosts?

I don’t want to answer this one, as it will sound as if I’m taking sides. I want readers to make their own minds up. And that will depend a lot on their own experiences and beliefs. I suppose, as I believe I God, I can’t completely rule out the existence of any other supernatural beings, but that doesn’t mean I’d ignore a scientific explanation for anything.

Did you choose to set the story in Castell Coch because there’s a legend of haunting there?

Not specifically. It’s a perfect setting for lots of reasons. Location, atmosphere. The actual history of the castle. But the legend was a help.

Although it’s a historic setting, there’s a lot of technology in it. Is it all real?

I know there are apps you can get on your phone that will enable you to turn on or off almost anything electrical in your house. Like anything else, they must be capable of being used for mischievous purposes as well as good ones.

Drones are used by archaeologists to find signs in the landscape of long-lost buildings below ground.