When my detective novel, Accounting for Murder: Double Entry, is published, you will find animals appearing at various points in the story.  The following are not examples.

‘Was he thick-skinned or just thick?’

The Old Bill were in the dark.

However, other animals do appear.

You may wonder what is their relevance to the main plot.

They are there partly to show my hero and his family are more than one-dimensional.  They are people with interests and relationships like anyone else.  Even accountants.  In particular, they are all fond of animals.

Secondly, I want to give some bad publicity to crimes against animals. In this case, dog-fighting.  In future books in this series, I hope to give dishonourable mentions to other such activities.  Some will be illegal, others should be.

You may well ask whether the dog-fighting story links with the murder mystery.  Is it a clue or a red herring?  You may well ask.  Read the book.

I hope to publish by Easter.