Here is a press release for Accounting for Murder, Double Entry

Accounting for Murder: Double Entry – Thrilling New Detective Novel Proves Hidden Investments Can Kill More than A Tax Bill

Meticulously crafted by John Harvey Murray, ‘Accounting for Murder: Double Entry’ is an intense and intricate murder mystery that takes readers across Wales, as one woman’s plan for divorce ends in the death of her affluent husband. The suspect could be any number of his assistants, financial advisors and even his new mistress. What ensues is thrilling to say the very least, and bold proof that money simply can’t buy happiness – or even a heartbeat.

While murder mysteries and detective novels have long been a staple of the literary world, both readers and critics are currently crying out for wholly-unique new narratives that do more than succumb to the same-old recycled concepts.

Thankfully, John Harvey Murray is stepping up to the plate with gusto, unveiling a new detective masterpiece that readers won’t be forgetting any time soon. Introducing ‘Accounting for Murder: Double Entry’.




When former athlete Patty Rogers decides to divorce her unfaithful husband, Ray, she calls on accountant, Frank Hill, to find Ray’s conveniently missing investments. The trail leads from Cardiff to the financial heart of the City of London and to Aberystwyth, where the mystery turns into a murder.

 The police regard Patty as their one and only suspect. Frank and his teenage daughter Jane try to find the real killer, unaware of the dangers they are facing from corrupt accountants, racist thugs, a dog-fighting gang, uncooperative policemen and Ray’s mistress, a pop star with many faces and a rock-solid alibi. To see justice done they will need all Frank’s investigative skills and Jane’s youthful energy. And more.

 “The great thing about Patty, Ray and the host of other characters is their sheer depth,” explains the author. “This isn’t a detective novel where you’ll be guessing the killer from the second chapter. It’s deliberately unlike anything else on the market, gives nothing away and will embroil every reader in something they won’t be able to stop fidgeting about until they’ve finished the book!”

Continuing, “It’s also rare to see Wales host a story like this and, for the country’s beauty and tranquilities, I am taking it upon myself to present the raw realities of the nation in the 21st-century. It’s a cosmopolitan place that is something of a far cry from the myths and folklore association with traditional Welsh culture. I have a deep love and passion for Wales, and know the nation intimately. It’s certainly an unusual setting for an unusual story.”

With the volume’s demand expected to be high, interested readers are urged to secure their copies as soon as possible.

Available on  Createspace at GBP 6.99 

Also on Kindle: ASIN: B06ZYNRD8F USD 2.99 

About the Author:

After studying Economics and Accountancy at Bristol University, John worked in local government finance, investigating everything from petty fraud to massive overspends, and all kinds of insurance claims. He has worked in North, Mid and South Wales, and the North West of England. He is now a self-employed risk management consultant based in Warrington.

He has written several books. His writing reflects his Christian faith, as well as his love of Wales, of horses and of other animals.