You may be aware that I have begun writing fiction, but what I am about to tell you really is true.  [I am in the company of John Cleese, Bernard Cornwell and the late Malcolm Muggeridge, to name only a few, in observing that some of the most bizarre stories in the world are actually true and outdo anything we would dare to invent].

A Little Horse.

I have mentioned before that I am fond of animals, particularly horses.  There is a miniature Shetland pony called Bea.  Oh, yes.  If you can imagine a typical Shetland pony, try to think of one about half that size and you will not be far wrong.  About as big as a big dog.

Bea had been ill-treated and half-starved before someone came to her rescue in 2015.  She was a bag of nerves, which is most untypical of her breed and evidence of her ill-treatment.

Now for the strange part.

Her benefactor took her to the Cheshire Dogs Home at Grappenhall near Warrington.  Don’t ask me why!

They took her in and the staff and volunteers have been looking after her.  She has made good progress physically and mentally but she has been diagnosed this year with a disease called Cushings, which is treatable with drugs.  These cost money.  There are also costs of the farrier.  Although she does not wear horseshoes, her feet need attention.  Then there are her teeth.  Yes, there are such people as horse-dentists.  The thing is that, due to the dogs’ home’s constitution, they are unable to spend the charity’s money on a pony – only on dogs, as you might expect.

This is where you come in.  Sponsors are needed specifically for Bea.  To become a sponsor, you need to donate fifteen ponds.  You know you can manage it.

Do not give me any money [I do not believe I just wrote that] – contact the Cheshire Dogs Home, 225 Knutsford Road, Grappenhall, Warrington, Cheshire, WA4 3JZ tel. 0844 5041212.

The website does not mention Bea for the reason I tried to explain above, but you can contact them through it.  Go on – what’s stopping you?