About Me

I write crime fiction. My main character is usually an amateur detective.

I also write blogs, articles and books on various subjects, notably risk and management and about matters relating to faith. I write historical fiction using a pseudonym and usually include a murder mystery in those novels too.

I love animals, especially horses, and nature generally.

I enjoy reading and writing mysteries, especially whodunits.

If you share my loves, I hope you will enjoy my writing.


No. I do, however, usually give my central character certain of my characteristics, but there are always some important differences too. It is important to be able to identify with your hero to a certain extent.


I enjoy a lot of modern police fiction, but I think the use of forensic science, databases and profiling, which things I applaud in real life, can push out the old-fashioned low-tech methods of investigating crime, whereas an amateur detective has to get back to basics. Thinking about amateur detectives also reminds us that fighting wrong cannot be left entirely up to the police. We can all play our part to some extent.

What I do


I am fascinated by words and have studied different foreign languages. In my career I have been required to write a variety of texts, and continue to write about a range of subjects.

My Writing Blog


Amesbury – a crime scene?

Amesbury is a peaceful place Amesbury is the unlikely setting of the murder in The Key to a Murder. It is the home of the main character, Matthew Chaplain, who was a student in Cardiff, of which city I wrote in a previous post. As murders can and do happen in unlikely...

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Llandaff occurs in many of my books

Llandaff is often the setting of my books Llandaff, a suburb of Cardiff, is the home of Frank Hill, the hero of the Accounting for Murder series and it features in The Key to a Murder. I think it is an appropriate setting for the home and office of an accountant like...

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Shetland Pony Racing? Is that fact or fantasy?

Shetland Pony Racing is not fiction! Shetland pony racing features indirectly in my novel The Key to a Murder. It was an important part of the hero's upbringing. I know it exists. I used to know someone who had taken part in it. He later became a successful trainer of...

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