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I write blogs, articles, newsletters, and books on various subjects, notably risk and management. I also write about matters relating to faith. I am currently in the process of writing a work of fiction.

John Harvey Murray


Have any of my books been published by a traditional author?

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I am fascinated by words and have studied different foreign languages. In my career I have been required to write a variety of texts, and continue to write about a range of subjects in blogs, articles, newsletters, and books.

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What crime did Prince Andrew commit?

Prince Andrew has become very unpopular. Prince Andrew gave a TV interview which turned most people against him. Why? The main complaint against him seems to be that he was friendly with Jeffry Epstein. We don't know how much he knew and how far he collaborated with...

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Is Remembrance Day a bad thing?

Remembrance Day? It's a no-brainer, surely? For many people, Remembrance Day is a fixture on the calendar, a part of our national life that they would miss if it were not there. It is obviously right to remember those who gave their lives for their country in two...

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What is LifeTime at St Paul’s?

Have you heard of LifeTime? I have mentioned Lifetime in my press release about the new St Paul's Church building in Penketh, Warrington. It is a new type of church service in a new, modern church. It is for the old and the very young. Every Thursday except 31 Oct...

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