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I write blogs, articles, newsletters, and books on various subjects, notably risk and management. I also write about matters relating to faith. I am currently in the process of writing a work of fiction.

John Harvey Murray


Have any of my books been published by a traditional author?

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I am fascinated by words and have studied different foreign languages. In my career I have been required to write a variety of texts, and continue to write about a range of subjects in blogs, articles, newsletters, and books.

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Short Story – The Three-Card Trick

Is The Three-Card Trick part of a novel? No. The Three-card Trick is a short story and stands alone. I am still working on Accounting for Murder: Old Money. I hope to finish it soon, but I want to make it as good a read as possible, rather than publish a poor version....

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More ways to connect with Warrington Alpha

Want to know more about Warrington Alpha? Here's how to connect I wrote recently about Alpha in Warrington  and here's more information to help you connect with us. There's a local website and you can find it on Facebook and Twitter...

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Easter is over, it must be Spring. What now? Try Alpha!

Spring is the time for new things. Did Spring begin at Easter this year? Did it make you think about your faith? If so, what next and where to find out more? I have written before about Alpha and now it is here, whether you read my previous blog or went to the meeting...

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