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I write blogs, articles, newsletters, and books on various subjects, notably risk and management. I also write about matters relating to faith. I am currently in the process of writing a work of fiction.

John Harvey Murray

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I am fascinated by words and have studied different foreign languages. In my career I have been required to write a variety of texts, and continue to write about a range of subjects in blogs, articles, newsletters, and books.

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Is nostalgia the latest thing?

Nostalgia is still with us Nostalgia is part of the appeal of a lot of books. I don't mean historical novels as much as those about the recent past. People like books that remind them of their youth or of happier times. Perhaps times before the internet and mobile...

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Cold cases are hot in crime fiction

Cold cases are often in the news Cold cases such as the White House Farm Murder get a lot of publicity when someone manages to open them up again. Sometimes something reminds us they are still live, like the Maddie McCann case. I'm glad the police so often don't give...

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Honour killing: does it exist?

Honour Killing : a drama Honour killings were the subject of an ITV mini series this week. It was a dramatisation of the real-life case of the murder of a Kurdish Teenager, Banaz Mahmod, by members of her family. Her offense was that she left her husband and then...

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