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I write blogs, articles, newsletters, and books on various subjects, notably risk and management. I also write about matters relating to faith. I am currently in the process of writing a work of fiction.

John Harvey Murray

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I am fascinated by words and have studied different foreign languages. In my career I have been required to write a variety of texts, and continue to write about a range of subjects in blogs, articles, newsletters, and books.

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Are you getting more stress than ever?

Stress affected many people in Lockdown Some of us hoped there would be less stress once it was eased and we could go out again and do more things. Alas! That is not how it has been. Now we seem to be going backwards and the rules seem to be changing all the time....

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Why am I glad New Money is set in Wales?

Wales is the setting for all the Accounting for Murder series Although living in Wales, my hero, Frank Hill, is a Lancastrian, like myself, who has settled in Cardiff, as I once did. All his adventures take place in the Principality, apart from some forays into...

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What benefits do you get from New Money?

Everyone benefits from reading a good book. The benefits which Val McDermid identifies are impressive. She says she has noticed that people who read fiction make better leaders, while citing several current examples, including her friend Nicola Sturgeon. She notes...

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